But it barely runs alternating between slow and short freezes , and when I try to install the drivers, it either freezes or reboots itself. The minimal memory you should use with this system is MB. Mon Nov 18, 2: How did you modify the motherboard to allow you to set the FSB to ? Sun Nov 17, 1: I’ll add 1 or 2 fans in the case

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Only in asus a7n266 vm motherboard rare cases can motherboards not run faster RAM at slower speeds. Asus a7n266 vm motherboard shipped my boards with jumpers wrong that’s all. Meaning, the memory chip you install will be utilized by the system and “Share” part of the memory for video operations. Mon Nov 18, 6: I think I have the skills to work as a tech and this has me scratching my head Mon Nov 18, 3: PC is just PC that can run overclocked as I understand it.


I still think the CPU might the problem. Right now I am not a happy camper. Yes, if you update the BIOS, you can still return it. And since I’m running the FSB atit’s more like it’s speed or something like that.

Jul 2, Posts: Make sure to tell them your power supply rating etc. Got windows to install.

But it barely runs alternating between slow and short freezesand when I try to install the drivers, it either freezes or reboots itself. Once that is set properly then blue asus a7n266 vm motherboard appear Originally posted by Captainpabst: What CPU cooler are you using?

Haven’t had any problems and the temps seem to stay normal. If the power supply tested by Asus or AD for that matter?

Why on Earth did you set anything to Cable Select?


You know what I’m saying. Jeez grimm that IS frustrating. I have gone through two bad motherboards and need to try a third 9.

It doesn’t matter they aren’t showing up under the ASUS probe. Which brings up my next point.


Originally posted by grimm Here they are in no particular order of quality: Why on earth did Ars recommend this board??? On the VM it is hardwired you’ll see the wire soldered on the left and middle spots.

Most of the people asus a7n266 vm motherboard have come into asus a7n266 vm motherboard shop with systems they’ve built and have problems didn’t read or do the background work or even bother asking the. I have built and shipped well over of these boards and have not had 1 single board returned. Asus’s Tech Support email address: Feb 20, Posts: May 29, Posts: I hope these are OK!