You may want to try and move your wireless adapter to a different PCI slot if you cannot get it to work properly e. It absolutely should work. Thanks a lot, great post. Since the working driver implements the standard, and does not support any non-standard, proprietary extensions, it will not go beyond 54 Mbps. Furthermore, Linux folks generally love it. Don’t you see any devices with the yellow exclamation mark next to them? One final thing, in general.

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In a nutshell, I’ve found the Atheros card to be “ok” in my computer, no problems there apparently, the drivers are there, it connects, sort of, to my ar212 router, sees SSIDs, however there is something about DHCP that is not quite right. I just cannot understand why manufacturers ship it with such lousy drivers. I see the USB’s you offer can be purchased with extended support; will probably buy that too after going through this!


Can’t get Qualcomm Atheros AR5212 802.11abg NIC to work

For more information, see interfaces 5. I never thought about thoseā€¦. I had tried af5212 drivers already all with the same result and I was about to give up. Seemed to be a true used part. Do you want to continue installing this driver?

Ask a question and give support. I experienced the same exact freezing problem that Luvr documented so well in his original post. No issues at all but I’d rather use my internal card if possible as there is nothing to attach and carry around and so on. One more suggestion, even though it may sound competely ridiculous: As others have mentioned, the freezes seem ar52212 happen when there’s a lot athedos traffic, such as downloading or viewing streaming video.


Getting Atheros AR Wireless Cards to Work with Windows XP – TechSpot Forums

I know in addition to the newer Mini PCIe and half height formats. Tried the other router, with nothing connected wireless or wired except the modem. It’s just the standard bios that came with the computer as far as I know, showing the logos and the press the ThinkVantage button at boot up.

My choice was to replace the Ar5122 card or wait for a bug fix for his router.

I wonder if anyone has such a setup working now? I have been trying to figure out why my wifi card will not work it apparently should, and it almost does. Any help greatly appreciated. It did for other people, for years they say. My router is a dd-wrt router purchased from ThinkPenguin which I’ve had for a few months and it seems to work just fine.

A couple of people had their physical WiFi switches shut off by accident and a few, sometimes posting weeks or months later, said a later upgrade of one thing or another atherros things for them.

My wife got a Toshiba Satellite last year and we haven’t been able to get the Atheros Wx chipset to work with our router at all. I will clean it out and see. I was wondering more about other devices connected via WiFi.


Have you installed a driver for your Atheros card before? That is if nothing qtheros works. Also, does it work with other WiFi base stations? I dont know how to run the sys file since xp doesnt allow me to do it.

When they changed back to an earlier version they were ok. Unplugged everything except the cable modem and rebooted.

Select Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

ar52112 Each of the kernels were slightly different in dmesg listings and the listings themselves were a little different because of this router which has dual bands, etc. Windows gave me an Update Driver Warning, telling me that Installing this device driver is not recommended because Windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate.

Another thing, once i put the drivers in, and bootup, do I wait till it fully boots up then put the card in?