Drivers for Badgy are available for the following platforms: Please note that if you do not save the changes made “Presets” menu , the default settings will be used the next time you print. To maximize the quality and durability of the printed cards, the lifespan of the print head, and the overall printer reliability, use the recommended ribbons. You can repair your torn ribbon using a single piece of adhesive tape. What is a driver? What is more, its printing speed means that you can create a personalized card in less than a minute.

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LED s of the control panel are on. Run the Mac driver and follow the installer information.

ONLY Badgy ribbons are guaranteed to print correctly. With the badgy solution, you have everything you need to instantly print professional quality badges yourself. Is the power supply faulty? Which barcodes can be printed?

What is the print resolution of the printer? Can Badgy print on both sides of the card?

However, you can personalize pre-encoded cards with black texts using Badgy. If the ribbon has been torn, please check the following: The Badgy printer and its print head have a 1-year warranty for an unlimited number of prints. What is the small icon at the bottom of my Windows screen for? Click the file downloaded to your hard drive, then click “Open.


Consumables for the Badgy card printer | Badgy

Download the DataSheet Where to buy. How do I update the Badgy printer firmware in Windows? Print quality varies depending on the card manufacturer. To create doublesided cards, simply print your cards on one side and then reinsert them in the card feeder to print on the other side. If so, simply pressing down with your fingers should return to the spindle to the correct position.

No, the white margins min is 1. Heavy-duty badges Plastic cards are far more durable in everyday use compared to paper badges. Click prinher System Preferences” in the ” Badyg ” menu. No LED is on, including the power button. As a school, Badgy helps you: Follow the instructions on the update wizard to update the print driver, then the printer firmware.

The Badgy black monochrome ribbon ref. Which type of cards can be used with Badgy? xard

How to find the printer serial number? Right-click on the Printer Manager icon to display the following menu, then select Identification Card. In this case, it would be more cost effective to use a black ribbon.


Open up the Print Options menu: Switch on the Badgy printer. This may happen if some dust is present on the card surface or in the printer.

Badgy card printer

I have one or multiple horizontal white lines on my printed cards. If no LED light bady on, including the power button, please check the following points: You can xard extend the warranty for your solution up to 3 years. This solution allows the instant production of personalized secure cards for all kinds of applications. The Badgy all-in-one solution lets you create and print your own personalized plastic cards and badges one at a time.