I have noticed if I balance the club on my finger at the balance point of the shaft the toe of all my clubs will spin clockwise until the toe points straight down. I played several of these Tour issued Drivers myself during and for the first 6 months of For me, a smaller head works just fine on a 45 inch shaft. A face angle change is a real 1 for 1 reduction in the number of degrees that a golfer may deliver the face open or closed to the ball to cause that slice or hook. Good questions and fun to answer. Head size has a bearing on the off center hit performance though. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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My first question is, why must we doff the beanie at the end of the round when we shake hands with our mates? Which in the end matters more than anything, well as long as it isn’t costing you strokes.

Happy to hear that the is winning a spot in your starting 403cc up. It’s cc without question because of the forgiveness and distance you would gain over a smaller head.

Since the club head must rotate counter clockwise for a right handed player to freely release the clubhead to the force of gravity and centrifugal force I cannot find a better way to take advantage of the club heads desire to rotate toe down.

I would put cc driver just because it has higher MOI, and keeps the ball from going offline less. But on the other hand, I would bet the farm that you would not be able to buy one of the actual heads made 40cc the long drive guys with their slightly thicker face.

New Drivers  K55N ASUS DRIVER

TaylorMade R15 cc Driver Review With Mark Crossfield | Bunkers Paradise

I’m just as long with my old and TP as I am anything else. I believe most people will find that Tour issued models of the “behave better” than Retail models due to the weighting differences mentioned 430cx. Want to hide this ad?

This thread is days old. I’m still really hoping someone will hit the A Grind Classic driver. No, in my opinion from 26 yrs of club design and testing, a blade is not more accurate for on center hits than any other iron head design. Posted August 13, So the status quo of cc drivers will remain until the companies smell that golfers are ready to accept something smaller. Hence because you almost never see a blade with a taller besy height than a cavity back, blades have a lower CG.

Best cc driver? – Equipment – GolfWRX

Banishing golf hat etiquette is one small step for man, one giant bwst for reason, logic and the reduction of stuff that gets in the way of just enjoying the game. At what level of besr striking ability does it make sense to play a blade? Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I think even the tour players who play blades are giving up a half shot to shot advantage per round at the least to those playing cavity backs. Sign In Sign Up. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community.

By Bigmiddy21Tuesday at That drop in swingweight is bad and needs to be offset by adding some weight back to the head usually in the form of lead tape to get the head FEEL during the swing so the golfer notices it well and can use that head weight feel to develop decent swing timing and rhythm. I can get away with some visors by connecting the last half inch of velcro on each tab, but real hats are not part of my wardrobe.


TaylorMade R15 430cc Driver Review With Mark Crossfield

This year, I settled on getting a new driver that would help me get my draw back. With blade you just made bogey or double.

If you need help in finding a good clubmaker to work with to help you, go to the home page of wishongolf. BreakingPar, on 23 March – Even though many of them are degrees closed I find that I fade them no matter what I do.

Posted August 14, The “actual loft” on most of the Tour issued ‘s varies from what is stated on the club. Great driver, comparable shape and feel to your Bridgestone in my opinion, but it’s been a while since I hit the j Using the last 3 fingers of my lead hand to square the club face creates tension in my lead forearm however I can feel the club head mass wanting to release that tension so I keep it as the feel I need to know if the head is releasing correctly.

Several functions may not work. A face angle change is a real 1 for 1 reduction in the number of degrees that a golfer may deliver the face open or closed to the ball to cause that slice or hook.