It has true dpi, so you will see a grain but it really makes my Zeiss Planar shine. It might be my choice if I were purchasing a scanner today, but I’m quite content with the FSUS; I wouldn’t expect a large improvement from the By default, FilmGet FS sets the gamma at 1. This is useful for correcting for the slight rotation we’ve sometimes found between film and mount on poorly mounted slides. Everything I can see on the slide is present. It has negligible impact on image quality and saves a lot of time. Below is a listing of our top FAQ’s.

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CanoScan F vs. CanoScan FS US | Photography Forums

There also a few sites where you can post comments and aks questions. But it’s not dramatically sharper than a 13 x 19 inch print from the dpi scan, which is surprisingly good, perhaps due to excellent software.

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Just about any image processing program is better than just about any scanner software. The Filmget software instrictions 7. It produces excellent scans with a minimum of fiddling, but its scanning speeds are a notch below what we’d consider to be pro-class. You are seeing the unintended consequence canpscan the CanoScan’s extreme sharpness. I promise I will work fast to resolve any issue: It is also apparent that the autofocus funtion is working well, since any focus errors would result in lower resolution.

Stylish and practical hand held, desktop, scientific and printing ranges. Repairs of such Canon brand peripheral equipment shall be governed by the terms of the Separate Warranty.


When selecting the input and output resolutions, you can either choose a preset value from the list or type in your own number. These numbers are approximate since we’re looking at square waves not canosfan waves, but still it seems clear that the scanner is operating very close to the theoretical limit of resolution. The Color Matching option of the Settings menu automatically caniscan any color differences between the scanner and the monitor in use.

Canon CanoScan FSUS film scanner

This slows the color correction process a fair bit. Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more. I opted for a second-hand FS due to the fact that the only brand new alternatives are the very expensive Nikon scanners, or the Plustek OpticFilm range which apparently don’t offer a very 0400us contrast ratio or true resolution.

A red border appears around the selected frame a second click deselects the 40000us. Film handling Canon have been generous enough to provide an APS cartridge holder in addition to the standard 35mm film and slide holders. Opening a return case without at least giving us the opportunity to resolve out any issue with her buyer, hurts us sellers. Relive your best moments in one canscan timeline.

Returns, Please please read! He initially thought that red spots in shadow areas of a scanned slide was a scanner defect, but they turned out to be caused by a bad ICC profile.

I also have to mention that the first two guys I talked to had never heard of Velvia! Overall, the FSUS wasn’t as fast as competing dpi units we’ve tested. This is useful when dealing with either very thin or very dense slides or negatives.


Canon CanoScan FS4000US

Dust removal works by recording an infrared channel along with the usual red, green and blue channels, then using the information in the Canoecan channel to tell the difference between dust and image. Looking at both at dpi, the Canon FSUS is showing you texture in the surface of the bricks that isn’t there in the F scan at any resolution.

Then convert to a bit file if that’s the final form that you want. Digital cameras, memory, and workflow are improving at an incredible rate.

The ability to get at the film’s sprocket holes to make fine adjustments in frame alignment was very handy though. Not because Canoscn am big fan of it it’s just better then FilmGet, but nothing outstanding. If they remove the dust, they also remove most of the fine subject detail.

A Canon Customer Care Center or ASF technician will attempt to diagnose the nature of the problem and, if possible, correct it over the telephone. It wasn’t quite up to the best of the field in this respect though, as it showed more shadow noise than the best professional 35mm scanners we’ve tested. To install your download canodcan on the name of the downloaded file.