With this correction, any field will display if chosen in a plot configuration. New Display options for State Signals. Version Compatibility a. Captures now store configuration data in order to detect configuration changes between captures. The timespan and measurements automatically change as the mouse moves between Signals or between Waveform Windows. Waveform View Number Keys 1 – 6:

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However, if converting to a lower number of channels, some settings may be marked as invalid with a visual indicator and notification dialog if the upper channels were used. Select from Buffer Full normal transfer time or a timeout period. Modified Quick Measurement activation and dismissal. One exception is any row that is displaying a Plot. Use the Control Key when clicking near a marker to jump directly to a marker.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

We now provide the concept of Frames and Fields in all windows. This drawing state busy included artifacts instead of a continuous busy representation and has been corrected in this revision. Additional measurements will display in a floating window when using the Quick Measurement feature with measurements dependent on the signal type. Inverting a data Bus or a Channel. This eliminates an unneccessary “back and forth” effort while analyzing the capture by grouping mouse functions together on one side of the window.

New Drivers  CONEXANT D-1156 DRIVER

While capturing, not all sleep methods were prevented on all supported Operating Systems. Drag from one of the ‘Quick Select’ Flags with a Right-Click while holding the Control Key to create a Marker Complement and drag it to a new position while leaving the Main Marker in its current position. Each division has a static marked point and the scrolling divisions are now labeled with a time Delta from the Center Reference.

The Primary and Secondary Waveform View have a fixed group assignment and do not have a group selection menu.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. While dragging a marker over a waveform, a visual indicator highlights the edge or position the Marker will snap to when released. Corrected – If a window was maximized when saved or closed, the window would be restored to the proper size, but not in the maximized state.

The original capture is reloaded after processing multiple captures. The integrated Birdseye serves the same functions but ignores all Waveform Windows except the one it is integrated with. Items can still be unlocked by clicking on the locked item.

MP USB Digital Microscope with 50x ~ x Magnification – Product | Digitech Industries

Added a “Delete this Capture” button on the Capture History bar for quick, easy deletion of the capture being viewed. Duplicate selections are prevented. This will recover the wasted horizontal area of the main window and reduce the possibility of unintentionally using the wrong button group.


With this correction, any field will display if chosen in a plot configuration. These windows have been removed and integrated into each Waveform View. Correction – Slider type configuration editors were ignoring ‘increment-by’ parameter. If multiple plots are enabled for the signal, Marker snaps and measurements will function on the selected plot. List windows can toggle between showing 1 field per line or 1 Frame per line.

Pressing the Space Bar will toggle the plot selection, even while the Quick Measurement is active. Theme colors are now utilized in the trigger configuration section. Data Mis-Match Features applies to new captures only. When a signal is in plotting mode, Quick Measurements will function on the Plot data.

Adjusted export ‘Low Disk Space’ calculation and warning to allow for partial exports. Enhancement – I2S decoder Added framing and partial field suppression 3. They are docked in the center of the main window and can not be undocked.