Sonar found the card without any problems at all. Colorado Springs, CO Status: This has been a very good ideas as it served me two times. I have a WAveterminal M and it works great, never had any problems with the card or drivers. I also could get very low latency and the best thing is the revolutionary interface and driver, that lets you play from one application e. So I expect a new version of impatiamment driver before editing anything in the config: And the same for both in and out of the optical on the daughter card.

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To buy the closed eyes so can record sound couraging! Plus as mentioned above, ESI will have 64 bit drivers fsi the Waveterminal line. If they will not support that for thethat would be a major bad.

Elson Max Output Level: Their implementation of the WDM driver spec is the best performing that I have seen in any of the dozen or so devices I have played with in my life. Map possde 4 in 8 out single on a small rack trs trs practice, frquence Sampling of up to kHz, the sound quality is perfect both for recording for reading! The separate outputs does not help me since I have no console. Set-up Setting up all my software to use the Waveterminal was again a very simple task.

At the time I installed the card with the standard issue drivers that were on the install CD. Installing the main card and the daughter card was a nice simple task, fit was good and the mate up nicely. I’ll see a long and with a new version of driver when???


User reviews: ESI WaveTerminal M – Audiofanzine

Big thing, I’m quite happy about it. Good latency and the ability wabeterminal play from one application and recording the output into another is awesome!

The result is a very high performance, low latency driver that well out performs my previous card. The value for money is very good if the driver is not a pb you. Windows media player through internet!!! I had 2 times this symptom. View More Photo Galleries. I better tutorial for this system can be found at the AudioTrak web site. My system is not 64 bit so I’m fine with that at the moment. Log in Become a member. It appears that the preamp is not quite enough but when quite usable.

I use mainly fruity with vst vsti and sometimes very greedy moog, GRM tools or I can get a latency of 1ms if the song is not a 10ms overload if I work alone with full effect and VSTi. Sonar found the card without any problems at all.

ESI Waveterminal 192M

I play all alone waveteeminal I only records that 1 track at a time without any pb. I did notice however with the install of the original drivers from the factory CD that it set itself up automatically to be the windows default card. Request a new review. The main card installs in an open PCI slot, while the daughter card simply resides next to it and connects as I said via the flex connector.


The “E-WDM” drivers supplied with this card waveterkinal an ESI -developed standard that is what Microsoft’s original WDM standard was supposed to do, that is, create a single driver type that supports all devices.

ESI WaveTerminal 192M

I’ve been using the Quatafire which is the firewire version with less analog inputs of the M and am really happy with it. The separate outputs does not help me since I have no console. I’m not sure about other cards, but I have been told by Egosys that they do not intend to produce 64bit drivers for the Wamirack. I’d be interested too to hear of any problems with S5 as it’ll definitely influence my upgrade decision.

The only drawback I see on ESI is they are not really rushing at all to develop 64 bit drivers even that lots of folks at the ESI forum requested this essi being this a must. waevterminal

User Control Panel Log out. And I have a problem every time I uses the mic but I do not use the other.