Oh, I should have mentioned that too. Well, it will need more indepth troubleshooting start by tracing out the circuit to get some Voltage test points. Are there some test points in between that would help me narrow down the culprit? The time now is Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. In some cases, the numbers appear to be purely for marketing purposes, and the importance and accuracy of the quoted figures are often suspect. I pulled the power board and found a bunch of caps bulging so I went ahead and replaced them.

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So, since I’m getting only V at the main filter cap, I have something wrong upstream of that, Gatesay would presume? Oh, I should have mentioned that too. If so, does anyone know where I can get a gateway lp2407 Tech support said they would take back the monitor and the speaker bar gateway lp2407 since the speaker only worked on this one monitor and refund my money for both. After gateway lp2407 have read gateway lp2407 them, then ask clarification questions or report your findings.

Last edited gateeway retiredcaps; at lp2047 Find More Posts gateway lp2407 retiredcaps. When I asked how long this was going to go on, there reply was “until I get a unit the works” In all fairness, this is a nice monitor, but three bad ones in a row, and there lack of proper customer service, is enough to make anyone think twice!


Before we get to our measured values, however, let’s take a look at the manufacturer specifications. Last edited by emericono; at Find More Posts by Per Hansson. I’ve had issues over the years where this monitor wouldn’t display an image consistently, I opened it up last year and found some bulging electrolytic caps on the power supply board, so I replaced the bulging ones and the monitor worked well for about 8 months.

While the display is clearly designed to function as a computer display first, it is also fully capable of functioning as a i HDTV as well as a p HDTValthough you will need to provide your own speakers or purchase the optional gateway lp2407 bar.

Genuine Gateway Lp2407 HP L2445w LCD Monitor Inverter Qli-002 Rev. a

However, it may be possible to get on-site service if you purchase a display along with a Gateway computer. Find More Posts by selldoor.

Thanks for that catch. Should i just replace gateway lp2407 the rest of the caps or is this something bigger than just a capacitor problem? gateway lp2407

Information and picture clarity compositions should look like this post. Please do not post inline and offsite as they slow down the loading of gateway lp2407.

I also noticed on the inverter? I was wondering lp207 I should start looking. Lo2407 More Posts by budm.

While it is unusual to get a display with more than one or two gateway lp2407 pixels these days, there’s always a risk, and some companies offer a 30 day guarantee that there will gateway lp2407 no pixel defects. There aren’t all that many LCD panel manufacturers, so the display manufacturers will often use the same base panel.


Specifications – Gateway FPDW: 24″ LCD Beauty or Beast?

BB code is On. Okay, so this is what I’ve got. Well certainly with that gateway lp2407 resistor besides it it’s going to run hot. After plugging it in, I still got nothing.

Genuine Gateway Lp HP Lw LCD Monitor Inverter Qli Rev. a | eBay

Is it worth trying to gateway lp2407 the v cap or does it seem like something may be wrong with the video board? I know this gateway lp2407 effect standby power with the power board disconnected.

As expected, the native resolution is x, and most of the other specifications are similar to other recent 24″ LCDs. Would this be indicative of any known problems? Gateway LP – No video image, gateway lp2407 all power supply caps except the v Well certainly with that big-ass resistor besides gateway lp2407 it’s going to run hot.

OK, just gateway lp2407 the power supply board by itself without having it connected to other boards and see if you will gateway lp2407 any DCV on the connectors. I was aware they have polarity, but I mistakenly put it in backwards.