And if that failure is the result sometimes clear and sometimes not of normal use. The point is that you’re disappointed, or miffed, or something – and that you’re angry that KZG won’t allow you to return it under warranty. The clubhead gives off a gentle, ringing sound when struck, like church bells or holiday chimes, or. KZG does a wonderful job helping the clubmaker out. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to get a replacement head of a product that I liked and is under warrenty, but has obvious manufacture flaws.

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With all shaft options available to customers, the ability to build the perfect driver, at an affordable price, is at your mouse-tips.

In cases like that policy is out the window – and common sense rules well in most places KZG notwithstanding. I had my irons built by a small builder in the north end, Golf by Jeff. I’ve had two Taylor Made clubs with stock shafts that had a head doub,e, and they refused to fix it both times.

Dunner’s offer many different brands name woods such as: There’s a very fine line between “Living life on the edge” and “Nature’s way of weeding out the stupid. The Gemini driver satisfied BuffaloGolfer. Do you even know what you are talking about?


Any suggestions would be helpful. They were their clubs for gosh sakes. I’ve seen clubheads get broken in a lot of ways, and not every one is a manufacturing defect. Got one to sell? While I fully realize that I am subject to the current KZG policy and will likely have to abide by it, it doesn’t make sense to me that a product that KZG has produced is voided if someone else, other than an authorized person, sells it? The driver was purchased new from a seller on ebay. Are there any options to get a replacement if I am not able to find an authorized seller doubpe send the driver back in for me?

Please provide a valid price range. There is no question that KZGolf is producing some of the finest wedges available today.

KZGolf, Review by

AND you only have the word of the person you bought it from that it’s still under warranty. KZG forged wedges are unequalled for the short game.

So if you purchase one off of the internet, the faceed warranty you have is the one the seller is willing to give you, and KZG will have no involvement other than having produced the head to begin with. These innovative drivers are designed with a second plate behind the forged and heat-treated titanium face to add greater stability and rigidity.

Cracked KZG Gemini 460 Head

The point is that you’re disappointed, or miffed, or something – and that you’re angry that KZG won’t allow you to return it under warranty. Posted 12 September – If faaced goes wrong, I have no recourse but to eat the doublle of the equipment.

New Drivers  USBAV 701 REV.2 DRIVERS

Thanks to everyone who provided opinons on my chances of getting a replacement KZG Gemini head from their company even though I did not purchase from an authorized seller.

Posted 11 September – If you acquired a head jzg looks as if it has never been installed or removed, then there is a dealer who ought lose his privelages. The Gemini employs a unique technological element that separates itself from other drivers on the market. Com’s testers both for productivity and appeal.

Still in fantastic shape, well-taken care of. I understand now that this is KZGs policy and understand the like. The product fails within a reasonable amount of time usually determined by the length of warranty.

The customer is usually right – particularly if it means more potential revenue. Sorry, but that’s ksg. I’m obviously not the only one this has happened to. Oh well, live and learn.