Table Of Contents , Table of contents Table of contents Action Power off the printer and remove the unsupported option Service codes All service errors are indicated by all lights flashing as the primary notification or code. Be sure to remove this strap, and install it in the new drive. Turn the printer off to exit the printer alignment menu. Move the printer so the front hangs over the front edge of the work surface.

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Timeout on data collection during auto alignment Remove the narrow media sensor.

– Lexmark EDN Laser Printer – TechPartsWarehouse

Diagnostic Information2. This is a precaution for personal safety and to prevent damage to the printer. Use a finger or small screwdriver against ldxmark coupler behind the clutch. Page 40 Remove the tray, open the duplex door and clear the paper jam. All service errors are initially communicated by all lights flashing which is the primary indication or code. Remove the left side cover.

Service CodesUnsupported flash option Meaning An error occurs at power-on. Page 49Service tertiary lexmxrk codes Service tertiary error codes Service error codes are generally non-recoverable except in an intermittent condition when POR power-on reset is performed which allows the printer to temporarily recover from the error.


After resolving the problem, turn off the printer to exit Hex Trace. The ground strap held by screw B is not included in the main motor drive FRU.

Transfer Roll Removal If the old springs are moved, feel the base of the springs to assure lexxmark they are on the posts. Don’t have an account? Remove the bezel and lens while the door remains open.

Lift the rear cover, unhooking it from the frame at the bottom, and remove. This is a necessary step. The solenoid cable should be installed on top of the sensor cables. The secondary light pattern indicates an area or function which has the error.

Loosen the one screw A from the shield that protects the sensor. Open the front cover. Release the four inner latches B. Lift the right side to ldxmark the flat on the guide shaft with the opening. Load manual feeder Meaning The printer prompts to load a single sheet of print media in the manual feeder.


Recheck condition before replacing PC Kit, if necessary. Complex PageComplex page Meaning The page may not print correctly because the print information on the page is too complex that is, too large for the printer memory. PageInstallation note: This manual also for: PageAssembly 5: Rear Cover Removal Lift the rear cover, unhooking it from the frame at the bottom, and remove. LlexmarkService Manual Read the following before handling electronic parts.

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If tires are new, try reversing each on its hub. Notice the direction of the points on the edge. Page Print defects guide Page 1 of 1 Print defects guide Defects often repeat down a page.

If the orientation is questionable, run Print Quality sheets, and check for skew.

PageRotate the motor drive counterclockwise until the two plastic links can be separated.