Apr 18, 6. Can anyone perhaps shed some light onto this or point me somewhere where I can find more conclusive information about this? What we have experienced, are two major things: Since this Marvell controller is hardware raid embedded I’d assume it would be best to use drives that have TLER [RE] then drives without Anybody using their Marvell controller on board with raid? Pylor , Apr 18, Well, I know that raid!

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Apr 18, 4. Some people use the Marvell cards and have no trouble, but it really depends on how you plan to use it. Apr 18, 5. Marvell 88se9230 used 4 WD Red Pro disks of 10 terabytes.

One thing that bothers me a bit about the Microserver however is that the bootup problems somehow relate to acpi, which in turn makes me wonder what to expect in terms of power consumption. Chris MooreDec 22, Somewhere in the future I might want to use the machine as a Git server for some coding projects at home, but I do not think that is likely to happen, as I marvell 88se9230 spend a lot of time coding on the job.

New Drivers  ARTEC 48U XP DRIVER

If I understand correctly, this boils down to having mirrored vdevs marvell 88se9230 drives marvell 88se9230 which then are put together to form a pool in a “RAID0” fashionin my case of two vdevs. Information that I can find is either old or contradictory. Dec 19, Messages: In hind-sight everything works marvell 88se9230. I have always been here. May 2, Messages: In fact, I have been thinking of the event in which I marvell 88se9230 incapacitated in such a way that I cannot maintain my NAS and backups any more.

Frankly I think marvell 88se9230 will struggle 88sse9230 fill this amount of storage. The best course of action, if you need more ports to connect drives to, is using a SAS controller which is well supported and reliable.

I take it that the key is marvell 88se9230 in the configuration database?

December current state of Marvell 88SE compatibility? | FreeNAS Community

PylorApr 19, Oh, in addition to those big disks, we also tested with WD Red 2 terabyte disks. Apr 18, 3. My initial idea was to be able to expand the ZFS pool with an magvell drive later if I need more space, as this is a feature marvell 88se9230 recently has been added to ZFS and of which I trust that it will find its way to FreeNAS at some point.


The stuff in the hardware recommendation list marvell 88se9230 more expensive than what I marvell 88se9230 willing to spend at this point.

SATA Controllers

Bottom line both are alright marvell 88se9230 not great. Dwarf Cavendish said thanks for this. On the forums I see builds of marvell 88se9230 that apparently use it with no problems, as well as issues like this.

I have done some further reading, especially about striped mirrors. What amount of storage do you need? Marvsll both Intel and marvell 88se9230 and they are mwrvell same, Marvell is a nip faster. Yes, my password is: I mean, given that you really need to take care that you do not lose your key, passphrase or recovery key, of course. DangmanApr 18, Good point, I will need to think about this. Yes, I think that’s marvell 88se9230 accurate takeaway.

It might not be perfect, but it appears to be good enough. Apr 18, 7.