Simply the best trackball ever made. I find scrolling with the thumb is a bit uncomfortable over time. We want our trackball and I refuse to use anything else from microsoft but a trackball. I updated to the Trackman, took about two weeks of use to get the feel of it, but you do get it in the end. I again waited for the glued pieces to cure and then came the assembly. I was lucky enough to have found two more, recently, and bought them, to be ready when my original one expires. The box, when it arrived, was surprisingly heavy.

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The next best thing is to flood Logitech, Kensington, and Trackball world with emails about how good the TBE design is. Here is a twilight zone for you.

Exclusively for Prime members. I occasionally play PC games,FPS etc,and I love what this trackball provides,in gaming and microsofr gamers will laff at peeps using a trackball lol.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer USB Ps2 Mouse X08 | eBay

The device is virtually unusable for serious gaming. This is my second trackball explorer I use one at work and one at home. This one is starting to get a little banged up, and so I set out to get a 3rd. I cannot agree with this article more… I own a TBE and use it for endless hours on my exploret, What I want is to have a bluetooth TBE as the cord is a menace whilst using a laptop.

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Well, unless they stop making them. I find scrolling with the thumb is a bit uncomfortable over time.

Microsoft Mouse Trackball Explorer Ps2/usb Compatible PN X | eBay

Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional balance is not paid in full within 12 months. The good one worked almost exactly the explorwr as my MTE in its best days as far as I can tell.

I have no idea where my trafkball are for this trackball anymore, and i cant find anywhere where to download the program which lets you change the mouse its settings, so i hopefully could turn off the mousewheel. I have a Microsoft Trackball Explorer which is still working well after 4 years, but I know that in time it will fail. Once I finally realized how awesome they were, they were out of explorwr and fetching big prices on eBay.

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And at least Kensington still believes in us. I have a explorerr contacts at Microsoft who are looking into whether or not there are extra TBEs stashed away.

It was working fine, kept clean and showing no signs of her age. Trackbalp one im currently using I just finished refurbishing. Like so many of you, I work long hours at a computer every day and no other device works as well for me as the TBE. I don’t even think about using it anymore- the setup is in memory and second nature.

You can get rid of the clickiness. From hardcore gaming to intense photo manipulation and graphic work there’s no other option that works quite so well. General Discussion link http: One thing which appears to be helpful. The MSE has been a godsend. So why not re-produce them?


Nothing seemed to work… I took the whole thing apart bit by bit trying to fix it… and eventually ended up destroying the thing trying to figure out what was wrong. The patent listed mcirosoft above is about the ball and the reading of the markers on the ball as being movement to the on-screen arrow in the X and Y direction. Thanks to Ville Walveranta for creating this blog!!!!

Two visible, two under the toe pad and one under the heel pad. The three would be comparisons for differences or hard to read symbols.

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They always seem to be fruitless to me, but I thought why not start a petition to send to Microsoft to show there is still demand for these devices. My cursor would skip around. I have four of the five balls from the units I wore out just waiting for a unit missing the ball to come up on Ebay. As a designer and student, I am on the computer at least 8 hours every day if not I hope this thing never dies.