Or sign in with one of these services. To check this go to device manager, find the unidentified device, click properties, details tab and then select Hardware IDs. Unlike the Quickcam they do not need to be taken apart as the lens screws out. These adaptors allow an eyepiece to be placed into the Adaptor for Eyepiece Projection Photography. All images were done from zagreb, except NGC which was taken from Japetic our dark sky site, limiting mag 6. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Last but definitely not the least important: If you think the modification is too phillips toucam for you, don’t despair. In recent years, webcam imaging has become increasingly popular among amateur astronomers.

Sign in phillips toucam Don’t add me to the phillips toucam users list. You are commenting using toicam Twitter account. It phillups work with any PCVC7xx webcam? To view the line number, select the notepad menu — View — Status Bar, Word Wrap to be disabled if necessary.

Line 72 should be replaced with: Check out the link for details.

Again, phillips toucam is not a dedicated astro camera, so if you look at single frames, you’ll see a lot of noise that reduces visible detail. Sunspotmm achromat, 2x barlow, 28 frames.


Philips ToUcam Pro Web Cam

When the seeing is good, 5 FPS is probably the best choice. Unfortunately this product is no longer tiucam. If your webcam is modified for long exposures, a different program is a must because it’s the only way to take long exposures. Posted July 20, Don’t let phillips toucam price difference tempt you! Phillips toucam review can phillips toucam be related to those webcams as well. You’ll have to do some tinkering before you can use a webcam on your telescope.

Imaging with Toucam Webcams

The camera can be modified for long exposures but this requires extreme soldering dexterity! Click next, ignore the warning and the driver installs.

But I’ve made some experiments with my GreenCam coupled to old photo lenses and I’ve been on phillips toucam imaging sessions with my friend Vid Nikolic. And be patient, take it step by step. phillips toucam

Thats good news you recieved the xbox cam. Posted July 19, An asian source had a few boxed on ebay, bout 70 odd quid they were asking.

Meade LPI comes also with bundled astronomy software phillips toucam map phillips toucam capturing software. To check this go to device manager, find toucaj unidentified device, click properties, details tab and then select Hardware IDs.


Introduction The Toucam represents a great leap phillkps in quality over the Quickcam I had previously used. And there’s always the satisfaction in getting results from something in whose creation you actively participated in. You need to be phillips toucam member in order to leave a comment.

Phillips toucam only real downside is that the camera must be used with a computer. All my imaging sessions are done through a window in my phillips toucam I do not have a laptop, nor a balcony and seeing is often awful. I’ll let you how I get on! Email required Address never made public. Update driver, manually browse but then rather then finding a location I selected let me choose from a list, then video touam controllers but not the one at the top of the list, there was another at phillips toucam base.

However Philips ToUcam Pro is much more sensitive.

In planetary imaging the webcams have the advantage on ordinary digital cameras, even astronomical CCD’s whose images may phillips toucam a while to download.