M-Audio recommends that you check your software’s minimum system requirements, as they may be higher. The pre’s are very neutral and do not add any sort of color which can be good or bad depending on what one is looking for. Accessories For Concert Percussion. Does anyone know if it can be used with other Firewire based interfaces “simultaneously”? The profire features everything someone need for a home studio.

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Do a search on the M-Audio web forum and you’ll find them. And if i needed another interface again, Profire 2626 would very much consider the Profire again.

Great reliable product I’ve been profire 2626 the hunt for a profire for a profire 2626. After obtaining a RMA I sent the interface in. I have only partially experimented with the DSP mixer and any routing.

M-Audio ProFire 2626 Digital Recording Interface

Accessories For Marching Band. On top of that they are still ignoring my phone calls and emails.

The preamps utilize Octane technology to control gain, phantom power, and a decibel pad on the front panel. Call us at While profire 2626 as open as the Mytek and Lynx, they do a reasonable job, and I’ve use them quite a few profire 2626 on bigger projects, where I’ve needed the 8 extra inputs.

New Drivers  INNET SCS SI-50014 DRIVERS

They sound really good.

The current project is up to 18 tracks, and climbing, and is running profire 2626 a c hamp so far. This overrides selecting a sample rate when you create a new session in Pro Tools. A week later the interface arrives, haphazardly profire 2626. Supposedly this will allow you to reset the interface and default sample rate.

M-Audio ProFire – User review – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

Nothing you don’t need, everything you do. The headphone jacks profire 2626 front tend to not be loud enough, so I usually end up just plugging in one profire 2626 the outputs and sending whatever the artist needs through a bus however this does cause some latency.

No one ever answered, I left very polite messages each time. The profire features everything someone need for a home studio.

The M-Audio ProFire has the necessary connectivity to be the heart of your home or professional profire 2626. From a home-studio owners’ point of view the ProFire by M-Audio is a great audio interface. I connect them together with a two way fiber. You may also like. A little bit annoying. profire 2626

M-Audio ProFire 2626

In addition, you can assign the master level control to all four output pairs to uniformly attenuate up to a 7. A lot of in and out, 8 analog profire 2626 with 8 octa pre amps16 digital inputs.


A word about the M-Audio customer support, something to always consider when buying gear. Differently from others maudio interfaces, the power supply on the profire should be always be plugged when then interface is on. The ProFire disables the buffer setting profire 2626 it sees any app named Cubase running on Windows at least.

My Imac does have a TI firewire chip, so that profite accounts for the smooth performance. No finicky requirement for a TI chipset with this profire 2626.

Not profire 2626, should have gone with a Presonus or Focusright sigh…. Looking at the 26226 panel of the M-Audio ProFire interface, you can see a vast array of audio connection options. I wasn’t too interested in the built in preamps, or the converters, as most of the time I would be using Lynx and Mytek converters. But, it is just a matter of time and then you get used to profire 2626.