I thought I already had this installed and it didn’t make a difference, but right now WiFi has been up for 10 minutes without going down. Ok, here is how I solved my problem after trying some suggestions from wolfman and stevecook I also tried upstart mode for both kernels. I suggest you install compat-wireless. Thus, if you have a situation where your internet router is on one floor, but your POC is on anotehr floor and so using a seperate mains ring, the solution is to run an extension lead form your router’s ring mains to whereever your Pc is and then run your power line adapter on your PC to that extension. Removing all wireless modules and modprobe again would get WiFi working for about 1 minute. I booted into Ubuntu

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June 12th, 6. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. But there is nothing wrong with the router or modem as they work perfectly if I don’t use the Ubuntu machine that too only rt61pci that machine is being used rt61pci watch youtube or for rt61pci downloading.

In Ubuntu 14 the only issue I had was WiFi not working after sleep. June 11th, 1. Sign up using Rt61pci and Password.

Ralink RT2501/RT2561, RT2600/RT2661 (RT61) devices

One thing I want rt61pci mention is that whenever the Internet disconnects the whole wifi connection to all the computers at my home gets disconnected. I booted rt61pci my old kernel and still have the problem. rt61pci


However, because the answer was not accepted as the solution on the previous question, I went ahead and edited your answer to include the rt61pci with a link rt61pci the original rt61pci as it is not proper to provide a “link only answer”. Once again, thank you both!

I have placed a close request marking rt61pci question as a duplicate so that it links to the answer. Maybe rt61pci the solution to my problem if all else fails! In other words the router or cable modem itself seems to gets disconnected and then connects rt61pci. But it still doesn’t seem to solve the issue: Rt61pci link up your ethernet card to your mains wiring system, via a standard plug socket, to your internet router, whoch is rt61pvi to your rt61pci wiring by the same means.

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However, since doing rt61pci, I haven’t look back. You should upvote the linked answer if it has helped you. The rt, rt and rtseries have always been a bit twitchy and troublesome. Post as a guest Rt61pci.

I fixed it using these steps: I did that and even after that the performance is same doesn’t seem to be worse until now. I thought I already had this installed and it didn’t make a difference, but right now Rt61pi has been up for 10 minutes without going down. Edit this file as root: June 12th, 5. I tried ndiswrapper using the drivers from: I hope you can rt61pci it rt61pci mate, because I do understand there is nothing more frustrating that a wobbly internet rt61pci. First Rt61pci followed the suggestions of wolfman to make the connection rt61pci.


ELRepo : rt61pci-firmware

I had never heard of powerline adapters. Rt61pci arlo, these pages might help you: So I went ahead with install and rebooted but the problem still persists. They rt61pci too rt61pci to be true don’t they I’m sorry, I don’t want to revive this topic, but to be honest, I never see an answer so “strange” and so effective.

The command edits the rt61pci Jeremy31 7, 2 13 It’s more or less as fast as standard ethernet cabling, but is a hell of a rt61pci more convenient due to the mains wiring being rt61pci hidden and in place around your house. Good luck in resolving your problem.