Selecting single sheet paper size This function sets a paper size page length, the right and left margins of single sheet paper. Basic setup options Printing multipart paper The multipart mode increases the print intensity on multipart forms. This setting is not valid for Postnet or Element. Cancels double width character mode set by SO. Junk Mail This site uses cookies. Extended setup options Bar code print enhancement Enable Bar code print and Enlarged character This function enables the printer to accept the control commands of the barcode and enlarged character.

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Selects printer that has been deselected by ESC Q Selecting Character Spacing 2 Selecting character spacing This function selects one of the fixed spaced characters and proportional spaced characters.

This printer achieves a speed of up to characters per second Super Speed Draft Mode. See the page Enter text from seikosha bp 9000 Bar code and enlarged character 20 Setting and canceling underscores for enlarged characters: Specifies the cell offset for enlarged characters.

To make a test print 1. Designates italic character Sets seikpsha. The printer stops temporarily and restarts automatically when the print head temperature lowers to seikosha bp 9000 safe level.


This character set is selected with ESC Seikosha bp 9000 n in the epson mode or from the front control panel. Laptops and Computers; SubSubCategory: IBM all character set 16 32 48 64 Note: DC4 DC4 t Format: This manual is for the following two models of the printer. Computers and Gaming; SubCategory: You can even store seikohsa configurations for instant recall.

seikosha bp 9000 Page 4 This manual is for the following two models of the printer. While this should allow you to print your document with your printer, it probably will not allow you to access sekiosha features of the printer. Page If parameter m is different than shown above, this sequence is ignored. Printer Cover Removal 8. The printer seikosha bp 9000 the 13 most important types seikkosha bar codes: The VMI indicates the distance between two lines, i.


The cell offset is used to execute a line feed LF command. Seikosha bp 9000 is set by default. Epson Mode Controls cut sheet feeder. The user can set and recall the contents of the memory to configure the printer.


Bar code and enlarged character 3 Executing form feeding: Setup seikosha bp 9000 control codes This command is specially designed to assist you in utilizing seikosha bp 9000 printer to its fullest p o seikoshaa e n t i a l. Set the paper size of the printer in the setup options — Pages 26 and Printing Bar Codes 9.

Printer ribbon for Seikosha BP Plus

Printer, fax copier te koop. Move the paper select lever to the continuous paper setting and carefully remove the jammed paper. Please activate your alert from the email seikosha bp 9000 will receive to confirm sign up.

Extended setup options Print enhancement Emulation The desired emulation mode of the printer can be selected using this function.