After adding the new caps to my LCMw3 monitor last week, it is fixed and working great with one exception. It is much appreciated! Do you expect that a complete capacitor swap-out will essentially assure that this specific problem capacitor fail does not reoccur for a long while? Hello, Please take a picture of your power board top and bottom and post them to our tech forum section at: After making the repairs to the LCM22W3 monitor power supply board, My computer no longer recognizes the monitor as Westinghouse. I am wondering if anyone knows what the 3r3 induction coil part number would be..

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I read the instructions carefully westinghosue watching many westinghouse 22w3 videos on youtube before ordering and ended up ordering the kit plus the starter solder kit. No one does board level repairs anymore….

Westinghouse LCMw3 monitor for PC Gaming by Westinghouse

Lifespan Lifespan score reflects how long you feel this westinghouse 22w3 will last and perform its function. Back to Search Results.

The discussion area is the place where you get to chat westinghouse 22w3 fellow westinghoise and techies. Replaced the capacitors and monitor is back in working condition again.

Thanks for the great web-site.

List item the third Press return wewtinghouse to finish your list. Here is the link westinghouse 22w3 our page showing what brands and series capacitors are rated correctly for use westinghouse 22w3 this type of power supply circuit. Have an opinion on this product that you would like to share? I can keep doing this, but the longer it runs with me doing this, the shorter the lifespan of the backlight.


Repairing the Westinghouse LCM-22W3

westinghouse 22w3 Can I Run It. Let me know where you got the capacitors and the marking on the caps and we can go from there. Connectivity Digital Video Input Standard. The caps show no bulging or leakage. I want to remove the chip and either replace it with a new westinghouse 22w3 containing the correct eDID or reprogram the old one. This Westinghouse inch Monitor offers 5ms westinghouse 22w3 to reduce motion blurs so you can enjoy wextinghouse action movies on it.

I can send you a pic of it, if it would help. We carry them in our parts store at: If 2w23 can solder, you can repair these monitors. Checked before getting one, and found this monitor has lots of good raves.

XX devices Recent Comments vifufogog. But now it doesnt turn on, I westinghoue out the power westinghouse 22w3 and did what was recomended I checked fuses, one bottom f and one on top, changed all the compasitors that were recommended by others on top.

It is westinghouse 22w3 being in the picture.

Westinghouse LCM-22W3 Computer Monitor User Manual

Because im back at square one again with out a backlight and i bought the kit and replaced the caps again but with the correct type but westinghouse 22w3 it doesnt work and im kikking my self in the butt please have mercy on me i was just trying to save money westinghouse 22w3 you please westinghouse 22w3 me what i can do to fix westonghouse backlight.


Jon on Mon, 26th Apr 8: Sorry for the late response, we have been swamped with service requests and repairs. However, there may be slight differences in store pricing or inventory compared to what is listed online.

Evan Otis on Fri, westinghpuse Jan 4: I should of bought your kit the first time around because westinghouse 22w3 think the cheaper caps proably dammaged something else.

You have to remove the four screws first.

The monitor now powers up, but I have a white screen. My LCMW3 had been acting up before, but the power outage last week took it completely. If I took the board to a local electronics guy, how much would you expect him to charge to swap out all the westinghouse 22w3 capacitors if Westinghouse 22w3 supplied the capacitors?

Kind of fishy, huh?